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How to use roller pop up banners

How to use Roller Pop Up Banners.

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We have created this guide for you with everything we know, as we are frequently asked about roller banners.

Specific examples of roller banners.

Roll-up banners are usually used in the workplace as well as in schools, offices, showrooms and events.

We have positioned roll-up banners in a number of public places, including banks, shopping centres, and credit unions. Due to their small size and well-made appearance, roll-up banners are an excellent choice for almost any event.
Roll-up banners are sometimes used in promotional events on media walls or photo backdrops. Using continuous banners next to each other creates a large background image against which to photograph.

What are pop up banner stands?

Rollers are a popular type of display stand, lightweight and economical. The base is made from aluminium, and the graphic features are usually printed on a vinyl or polypropylene surface.

Roll-up banners are most commonly used for advertising products and services but are also referred to as pull-up banners, penguin stands and pop-up displays. Rollers are used to print roller banners at 600DPI, and so the print quality of roller banners is extremely high.

Many suppliers provide a case to transport roller banners while ensuring the stands and graphics remain intact.

A premium carry case may provide a certain level of protection where equivalent budget roller banners are not provided with a case that has no padding. Very cheap roller banners may be supplied without a carry case.

Roll up banner templates for design, illustrations, and/or print design.

We understand many of our clients are experts in designing banners; However, many clients are still learning the ropes. With this in mind, various best practices have been set up. These include adding the right amount of bleed and maintaining a safe margin on your design. We designed a large roll-up banner and a variety of Photoshop & InDesign templates.
We are happy to help you with any design problems.

Creating a Pop Out Banner

Creating a roller banner doesn’t need to be difficult, and with our tips, we can ensure that your banner will be a success.

Even if you are not an artistic designer, a rough idea of the design helps your designer to work more efficiently and at less cost.

Create your design using the 3-second rule.

“The main key points should be presented effectively within 3 seconds”.
If someone can’t read the information in your banner in a short amount of time, they will be overwhelmed.

Design Tip 2 – Design your core campaign carefully.

Is your business launching a new product to help drive awareness of your brand? Before designing your banner, ensure that you are clear about your objective, including how you hope to achieve it. This will yield the best overall product yield. When designing a roller banner, the less you have, the more it will sell. Logos, core messages, contact details and imagery, are crucial in creating a great roller banner.

Design Tip 3: Use high-resolution imagery.

Investing in high-quality photography and stock imagery of your pop up banners printing will significantly improve the quality of your banner. Ensure your images are at least 300 DPI and that the colours represent CMYK rather than RGB.

Design Tip 4: Main point.

Please keep roller banners to simple letters, not a full proposal. You should provide the information in a concise and clear manner so potential customers can contact you if they wish to do so.
When designing your banner, places the focus on persuasive content at the top. This will be the most visible part and will look pleasant aesthetically.

Styles of banners.

  1. Extra-wide roller banners are defined as those with dimensions exceeding 850mm. Most extra wide banner rolls are 1200mm in width.
  2. A banner marked with two visual images that can be used independently or together to make a strong visual impact. EACH banner can be used for different purposes, and each of them has different graphics.
  3. Single-Sided Roller Banner is one of the most popular exhibit standards, it’s an affordable exhibition stand that provides amazing visual impact up close and far.

Issues with roll-up banners.

Sometimes you’ll see online-displayed banners considered appropriate for outdoor use. When made into a roll-up banner, the combination of base and the large graphic will act as a huge sail, and so the banner will be susceptible to high wind. It may blow away. This, in our opinion, would rule out the use of outdoor roller banners and make the use of indoor roller banners a strictly indoor function.

Alternative promotional methods.

In terms of value and purpose, it is hard to think of a product that can do as much as roller banners do. For more permanent displays, foamex printing is great because of its flexibility and wide range of applications. For more substantial exhibits, we highly recommend media walls. 225cm x 2.25cm fabric media walls offer a more expansive setting to which display your business. This is somewhat at a lower price point, however.

Provide pull-up banner dimensions in millimetres, centimetres and inches
Printers are used on many different substrates and designs. The most common way of measuring the size of pull up banners is in millimetres. There are several sizes that are frequently purchased.

  • 800mm wide and 2000mm tall.
  • 950mm wide and 2200mm tall.
  • 1200 mm and 2,000 mm tall.
  • A 2000mm x 2000mm wide roller banner.

Setting up templates, having the materials in bulk, and buying systems at the lowest prices can keep the cost of pull up banners as low as possible.
It is also wise to consider both single-sided and double-sided roll banners. A common size for double-sided pop-ups is 850mm wide by 2000mm tall.

G1 Printing has a full studio to help you with award-winning banner designs.
If you decide to design your own roller banner and have any questions regarding its design, our pre-press and artwork teams are more than happy to help you. So, we check everything’s the way you want before printing.

Roll-up banners.

We’ve recently been made aware of a variety of roll-up banners that are called rolling banners. We understand that this also makes sense, as the graphic rolls around a mechanism within the tape. Regardless of what name you give them, you can be confident that the same quality of the print will be delivered as with a traditional rolling banner.

What are the prices of pull up banners?

The cost of banner stands varies in price from around £55 to £299.
The price is determined by a multitude of factors.

  • Width of the unit.
  • Completing Required.
  • Speed of delivery.
  • Discount Codes Available.

Our most popular banners are our Premium Banner (850mm x 2000mm) for £99.

How to erect a roll-up banner.

Time: 2 minutes.

  1. Putting up a roller banner can be completed by a single person in a few minutes. Here is our resource for scheduling a roller banner.
  2. Take the roller banner from the padded protective fabric case.
  3. Open the bag containing the banner and remove it from it.
  4. Shape your body by having the feet open out.
  5. When positioned on flat ground, open the feet so that they are perpendicular to the base and allow the unit to “stand” on its own.
  6. Determine the largest pole.
  7. To assemble the pole elements from behind, take them from the back of the unit.
  8. Insert the pole at the back of the banner.
  9. Take the banner with both hands, gently pull it up and clip the graphic to the top.
  10. Insert the straight end of the banner into the rectangular hole at the bottom of the pole. Ensure the pole reaches the black nubbin and clicks into place at the bottom of the unit.
  11. Firmly grip onto the clip rail while pulling up on the roller banner pole to fit the plastic adapter to the top of the pole.

If the multicolour poster leans forward, the feet are the wrong way round. The other problem that can arise with roller banners is when they are accidentally knocked over. If this issue occurs, please check that the feet are not bent beyond a 90-degree angle.

After use, please ensure to firmly hold the graphic on top of the roll. The spring-loaded system should be able to exert some force, so it can be manually moved into the roller banner base gradually.

How to use roller pop up banners
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