How to create an effective PVC banner graphic banners printing uk

How to Create an Effective PVC Banner Graphic.

How to create an effective PVC banner graphic

Please do not use MS Word to create a file for a PVC banner!

If that is all you have, though, we will work with it. 🙁

If you have no graphics program, but you want to give it a go to – Create a new banner size, download as a print-ready pdf and send it to us!

If you do not have time, simply contact us, and we will create a file for you.

Are you running a company? At some time, you’re going to need to build a banner graphic to advertise a program, class, event or promote a product offering.

The numerous things we have had to remember while creating these graphics are illustrated in this tutorial.

This is how to create a graphic for a banner…

1. Where are you going to use this graphic?

  • Is it on your own or somebody else’s property?
  • Are there a lot of visual elements that compete?
  • What would you do to highlight the graphics?

Make sure that the design clearly identifies what the goal is but looks elegant also.

(QUICK PRO TIP: Take a screenshot of the place where the graphic will be used and show the new graphic at the top. Is your eye drawn to the graphic, or is the graphic lost in the environment?)

2. What criteria are there?

What is the pixel size required for your graphics? Larger areas (such as shops or shopping malls) will have a size range or require standard sizes for the industry (such as 300dpi)

Does the PVC file have to be a particular size of a file?

How To Create An Effective PVC Banner Graphic

Not necessarily. A vector-based file can be blown up easily. Images, i.e. photos, will pixelate as they are increased in size, so use clear professional images.

Are there several variations or sizes of the printing you need to create?

3. What NON-negotiable material is.

  • What absolutely needs to be on the graphic?
  • What would you do to cut down the volume of text? Less is better.

We sometimes see people trying to cram into a tiny space every last detail. Think of a banner as a call to action to push the consumer to the point of information/sales, not to show all the data.

4. Do you have standards for branding that you would stick to?

Will you have a tagline to use? If so, is it approved, or would it be full-colour to use it in one colour? (We sometimes use overlay logos on banners in black or white, which opens up a lot more design choices since the logo would not detract from the main image or content).

5. Do you have to adhere to the requirements of a particular colour palette & font?

We built the banner for, so we were deeply familiar with the look and feel to keep the branding elements consistent. We used the same main picture I used on the site, as well as the same treatments and colours of the sort. We also need to add the logo of the host, which uses a solid blue, because I try to use just one dominant colour for the rest of the graphic. We used muted colours from the site palette.

6. Have you got a few picture options?

Often you just can’t get a specific picture to function, no matter what you do (I find that vertical images are trickier to work with than horizontal banners). Try taking the picture out.

7. Make sure to step away and take a good look!

We make sure to give ourselves some space (a few hours/days) after I have generated the first round of a design before we look at the picture again. We also think of new ways of aligning material and imagery when we come back with fresh eyes.

8. Do the elements correctly align?

We can tell when things are not well blended or objects are off by a few pixels. Nothing bothers us more than when something feels “off.”

9. Is the comparison enough?

Are you using a textured background or a light image? Make sure that your text is sufficiently dark to be legible.

10. Create Cropped Images

Playful image cropping can provide instant visual appeal when you have a given space to work in (such as in banner graphics). You want to draw your user into the picture; It is better to see a face close up than an entire body from far away.

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How To Create An Effective PVC Banner Graphic