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How Much does a PVC Banner Cost?

How much does an exterior PVC banner cost?

A professionally printed exterior waterproof banner starts at £39. The cost of our vinyl banners depends on the content on which they are printed and the size of the specified vinyl banner.

In addition, large format banner printing, which is used for viewing from a distance, often plays a crucial role in the purpose of the vinyl banner.

PVC banners can be printed on digital large-format printers, and the output will be HD quality.
On average, 410gsm, 510gsm and 550gsm vinyl banners are sold by most vendors, and the price can vary accordingly.

The thicker the fibre, the more costly it will be for the banner. Material prices can vary from £ 0.50p per sqft to £ 2.00 per square foot.

Saying that there will also be a print queue for most printers, so you will probably have to pay extra to have your vinyl banner printed on an urgent basis.

Express Banner Printing.

For express order printing, price increases can vary between 50-100 per cent.

The scale of the printer is the next thing that determines the cost of printing a vinyl banner. So, if a printer has a super-wide vinyl banner printer, they will be able to manufacture the banner much faster, so it’s going to cost less.

Then there is a huge influence of the type of computer, with technology really making a significant difference in print speeds on large-format printers. Printers are purchasing faster machines these days to reduce the time it takes to print.

So, overall, the cost of a vinyl banner print job is influenced by several factors.
The best thing is to get a couple of different quotes and pick a printer that can print your vinyl banner at the time you need it. If you’ve got enough time, then enjoy the best deals!

How much does a PVC printed banner cost from us?

Banners start at £49 to hundreds of pounds.
We sell a variety of large format banner items in full colour to black and white to fit any budget.
Prices provide complimentary finishing. For the same amount, you can have a hem and eyelets or pole pockets. G1 Banners & Printing offer free delivery to the UK mainland, which is also included in the price of orders.

Banner Pricing

For any promotion or case, our event banners are the perfect solution.
They are highly expensive, made of inexpensive PVC banner material,
cost-efficient. With prices starting at £12 per square meter, they are a highly cost-effective approach.
For instance, if you purchase x10, for example,

PVC Banners:

  • 3m x 1m £ 45 banners each
  • 4m x 1m £ 55 banners each
  • 3m x 1.5m banners, each £ 35
  • 4m x 1.5m £ 75 banners each.

The cost of Premium Banner Printing

PVC banner printing provides good quality and high-quality banner printing. Our premium vinyl banners are believed to be of the highest quality and incredibly low prices to match.

Price Printed Mesh banners

For banners that need to endure bad weather conditions, they are superb.
Mesh PVC banner material is best suited for broad fence banners and fence banners or construction site banners. On the surface, tiny holes allow wind to pass through the material.
The effects of wind-loading on structures decreases with mesh banners.

Prices per x10

  • 3m x 1m £29 banners each
  • 4m x 1m £ 36 banners each
  • 3m x 1.5m banners, each £ 39
  • 4m x 1.5m £ 51 banners each

Price of double-sided banners

A top-quality light stop material is used for double-sided banners.
The centre of the banners creates a shield that prevents any light.
The 650gsm super-strong is robust and long-lasting.
Double-sided printing of lamp post banners is ideal. Scaffolding banners and all other banners that need a double-sided view.

Prices per x10

  • 3m x 1m £ 72 banners each
  • 4m x 1m £ 96 banners each
  • 3m x 1.5m £ 108 banners each
  • 4m x 1.5m £ 144 banners each

In just 2-3 working days from order, all of our PVC and fabric custom banners can be shipped. Within one day, our express service will have them with you.

A wide variety of roller banners and other personalised banner stands are included in our other product services.

Are you stuck with any artwork?

We are happy to help! And we often do not charge for simple artwork!

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