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How long do PVC banners last?

How long do PVC banners last?

Exterior grade PVC banners are printed on a waterproof material that is flexible and portable. We find that the banners we print can last for many years, even decades in some conditions!

For example, a banner must be affixed properly and securely in a place where the wind cannot catch it and turn it into a sail! If a banner is attached to a wrought iron fence, for example, then the wind may very well catch it from behind and tug away at the eyelets and rip it.

The best place for a banner really is against a solid wall or a solid wooden fence so that no wind can get behind it.

Some banners last for many years!

Some banners that we have printed and which have been properly mounted have lasted for more than 10 years believe, it or not. This is simply because the person who mounted them did so properly against a solid surface and in a non-windy area with extra secure fixings as well.

Every once in a while, they give it a clean with some non-abrasive liquid such as ionised water.
If a PVC banner is placed between two lamp posts or fence posts, for example, with just eyelets at the side of the vinyl being used, then the weather will just keep tugging away at it until the banner until it rips. This can happen very fast even within the first few days if you’re not careful.

The banners that we print are strengthened at the corners and edges so that they last for longer. The material that we use is a 450gsm heavyweight durable material the ink that we use is waterproof and full colour with the resolution of 300 DPI plus.


Exterior banners and interior banners longevity.

So, a banner will only last as long as you would want it to last if it’s installed in a good location, it is maintained and looked after. For example, if we erected a banner somewhere and then notice that one of the eyelets has lost the cable tie, then we should really replace the cable tie otherwise the whole banner will start to rip.
Of course, banners that are erected inside or which are internal hanging banners in an event will last for a lot longer.

Exterior banners are prone to the elements which cause eventual wear and tear on the material or on the print, so the environmental conditions over time will cause the banner print to deteriorate or to fade. Saying that these banners can last for between 5 and 10 years if they are looked after.

How long do PVC banners last
These banners have been up for more than 10 years!

Here are some examples to clarify banner longevity issues that can occur on outdoor banners that are poorly hung and placed.


Example 1:

A banner is hung outside between two wooden poles by only the corner eyelets and has been up for 5 days without a problem. Then on day 6, which happens to be an extraordinarily windy day, you come out to see your banner flapping in the wind like a flag because some of the corner eyelets have been ripped out.

This is not a banner lifespan issue, but an improper installation problem.
An outdoor banner is durable enough to stand normal wind conditions…but only if installed correctly. Proper installation for this example would include weaving through the brass eyelets of the banner (both top and bottom) and then tying all four corners off.

The rope helps distribute the weight of the banner, thus taking stress off of only the corner eyelets, and helping the banner live to its full life expectancy.

Example 2:

A banner is purchased and affixed outdoors in a location that receives excessive direct sunlight for most of the day. Another banner is positioned in a location that is much shadier and receives less daily sunlight. Which one do you think will outlast the other? The banner receiving less sunlight.

Even though digital banners printing utilizes fade-resistant inks, over time as with all digital imaging, the print will eventually fade naturally.
But placing a banner outdoors that is predominantly in the sun will predispose the banner print to fade quicker than normal.

So, when deciding where to place your banner try to capitalize on its intended longevity, consider locations that receive a balanced or low sunlight ratio.

Example 3:

If your banner is used for annual functions, sales, events, etc. and needs to be stored periodically then a maintenance and care issue may arise, in the form of creases or cracks on your banner, which affect its visual appearance and longevity. Many people want to fold a banner for storage but this is not a good idea.

Banners that will be stored need to be cleaned and ROLLED-UP if you want them to last. When a banner is folded it creates creases in the vinyl banner material which can lead to digital print cracking. So essentially a banner that should have lasted 5 years, if stored improperly, may only last a year or two before it becomes an eyesore.

Tips for a Long-lasting Banner

To make your banner last for a long time, follow these tips:
  • Do not hang a wet banner. Lay it out to completely dry before storing or hanging.
  • Do not roll up a wet banner to store it.
  • Clean your banner regularly with gentle soap and water.
  • Trim off any fray ends. The ends can pull away and deteriorate the banner.
  • Keep your banner in a place that isn’t in the constant sun, pollution, or an area that gets too much wind.
  • Keep hanging surfaces and poles clear of dirt, dust, rust, or any other corrosion.

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