Feather Flags

All you need to know about Feather Flags

All you need to know about Outdoor Wind Feather Flags and Beach Feather Flags

A feather flag is a flag used for advertising a business and drawing attention to an event or business that is 6ft tall to 20ft tall. They are all different shapes and sizes.

There are some methods of marketing that do not change as time marches forward! Marketing is one of the most common things that hasn’t changed. This article will talk you through what you need to know about feather flags and how your marketing can help. There are many companies that sell feather flags, but only one that has the same customer service and quality as G1 Banners Printing! So, let’s dive into the “flags of the feather!” how they’re made, life span, and more!

The Feather Flags Guide List

  • What is a Feather Flag?
  • Sizes & Prices of the Feather Flag
  • Double-Sided vs Single-Sided
  • Hardware Mounting, Pole Kits, Feather Flag Accessories
Other Feather Flags Names

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Feather Flag History

Feather flags began with the American Kite Association in the early 1960s. In places such as the USA, India, East Asia, Pakistan, kite flying has been practised around the world. It has always been considered a hobby that many have practised and observed. In Singapore, China, and Bali in 1984, a group of American Kite Associates attended a kite festival. The kites had long, flapping tail flags which had bamboo poles and religious messages to the Hindu Gods during the annual festival in Bali. The idea of feather flags was initiated by this event and helped bring it to the United States of America.

Festival of the Kite

Feather Flags really took off after the 1984 festival and with the rise of the internet in the early 1990s! Over time, they have been called different things, including “custom banners,” “swooper flags,” and “yard signs.” But no matter how you place them, one thing is the same: exterior mesh flags are here to stay and have remained an economical way to generate sales and increase retail awareness.

What a the Feather Flag?

Feather flags can be 2m to 4mt tall! They’re mainly used for advertising or drawing attention to an event or sale by companies or businesses. The purpose of feather flags is pretty straightforward: GET awareness. What are the +ves and -ves of your company using feather flags?

Great Advertising Outdoors

Let us begin with the cons:

Flags are never going to last forever. If you look after it, the longer it will last, just like anything else. Depending on care and usage, our products have an average life span of 6-12 months, but if treated right, they can last longer!

Feather flags can only interact with those who pass by them, unlike social media.

Once you have it, you can not adjust the feather flag. This is why thinking about your message and what you need to say is important.

Let’s look at the pros now:

In innumerable locations, the same feather flag can be moved and used! You’ll be able to move your feather flag around to keep the advertising fresh, as they’re simple to take in and out of their cases.

Feather flags can be customized to match your business/business brand.

Amongst one of the most affordable types of advertising you’ll have are feather flags. For select orders, we even offer quantity rebates, so ask us if you can get a discount!

These are only a few factors why you can help achieve your marketing objectives with feather flags. The primary purpose is to get the attention of clients and hit your target audience.

Sizes & Price of the Feather Flag

Depending on the size you choose, feather flag prices vary. You’ve got three sizes to consider for our feather flags: the flag size and the kit size. 2.4m, 3.15m, and 4.3m kit are our feather flag sizes.

For Cross Bases and water bases, an extra £25 for kits is added.

Now that you’ve seen our dimensions, it’s time to consider the double-sided vs single sided.
We always get the question here at G1, “Should I do a single or a double-sided flag?” What would be the difference? Is one better than another? “Let’s talk about it!

Single-Sided Flags

For our single-sided feather flags, just one flag will be printed and sewn together. The back of the flag is going to have the same image as the front, just reversed and a little lighter. Think about when you write with a sharpie on a piece of paper. You can see what you wrote when you turn the paper over. It’s just backwards and lighter than the front side.

Single-sided flags are great flags to still have! All of our feather flags in stock are single-sided, and they work great for all companies. For two-way streets, front-facing traffic or just about anything else, single-sided flags work! Flags with a simple message easily are single-sided, as you can still see the design on the back. The more writing you have on the flag, the more difficult the reverse side will be to read. I would recommend our double-sided flags in that case.

Double-sided Flags

There will be two flags with our double-sided feather flags sewn together with a mesh in the middle. This will ensure that, on the other side, your design doesn’t shine through. You do not have to make the same design on both sides with double-sided flags. If you want one side to say one thing and the other side to say another thing, we can do that!

Because the image won’t be reversed, double-sided flags work great on any street or road. The most popular choice is double-sided when it comes to custom flags, especially since our in-stock flags are single-sided. You will really help stand out from the rest by ordering a double-sided flag!

Hardware Mounting, Pole Flag Kits, and Feather Flag Accessories

The parts you need will depend on how and where your flags are planned to be used. Before placing your order, it is good to consider how you want to display your flag, so you’ll know exactly what to choose. For just about every situation, we have hardware options. Indoors or outdoors, on walls and even on cars with our wheelbase, we allow for mounting! The ground spike and cross base are our most popular hardware option. With all our flags, you’re going to need a pole kit, and we’re going to talk about them!

Flag Pole Kits

The pole kits are going to be specific to the specific size of the flag you have. This pole kits add up to an additional 60cm to your flag, as we discussed earlier, so it’s important to know what pole kit size you need! Our pole kits are available in two different versions: a fibreglass pole kit and an aluminium pole kit. These two kits were made from pure aluminium (minus the top piece of the fibreglass pole kit, which is a flexible carbon fibre tip). The piece of the bottom pole is 1.15″ in diameter, and all 2″ are our flag pole sleeves to easily slide over the poles.

Both of these pole kits will look and do the exact same thing. Our fibreglass tip pole kit fits in our travel bag, the biggest difference, while our aluminium pole kit does not.

The travel bag for your flags is a convenient carrying case! A (1) pole kit, one (1) ground spike OR cross base, and two (2) flags can be fitted into the case. These are popular with property agents, trade shows, etc., because they enable easy transportation from place to place. You MUST buy our fibreglass tip if you want to make the travel bag,