Can I get a Custom size banner?

Can I Get a Custom Size Banner?

Yes, you can get a custom size banner! We can print up to 5m high to 20m wide in one piece! Custom banners are a powerful marketing tool. They give you an opportunity to get your banners designed in any desired size and design. Whether you are interested in promoting your brand or an upcoming event, custom banners can help you draw the attention you need.

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You can get a custom size banner from almost any banner manufacturing company. They are highly scalable, so you can give size and design instructions to the company and get your banner designed in no time.

Custom size banners are available in different materials, but PVC and mesh are the two most abundantly used materials. Let’s see what the difference between them is and which one you should use.

Can I get a custom size banner

Custom Sized Solid PVC Banners

When you are outside the house, most of the banners you come across are actually PVC (polyvinyl chloride) banners. They are made up of synthetic plastic polymer that is highly durable. You can get them in different sizes like 2 x 2, 2 x 4, 4 x 8 feet etc., according to your needs.

Custom sized solid PVC banners do not have mesh or holes like mesh banners. Due to which they do not let light or air pass through them. They are great for promoting the launch of a new product, an upcoming business event, and even a personal event like a wedding etc.

You can display them outdoors as well as indoors. They are water-resistant and have a high life expectancy.  

Custom Sized Mesh Banner

Mesh banners have many features similar to that of PVC banners. The key difference between both kinds of banners is their structure. Mesh banners have a mesh-like structure through which wind and light can pass. You can display them in a number of indoor as well as outdoor settings. However, they are more commonly used in sporting venues and business events.

Mesh banners have different vinyl to hole ratios. You should select the ratio that you think will go well with your event or purpose of advertising. They are water-resistant and long-lasting. Since they have holes, the ideal location for them is a windy location. 

 Custom sized solid PVC, and mesh banners can be used for different purposes. Below are a few locations where you can use them for advertisement or any other purpose. 

Bespoke Specially Made Banners

Bespoke banners are designed according to your exact requirements. They can be mesh or solid vinyl, as you like. You can get any shape, size, or finish for your bespoke banner. They are popularly used for trade shows, event dressing, theatre backdrops, etc.  

Corporate Logo Fence Banners

 As the name suggests, corporate logo fence banners have vibrant custom logo designs and graphics printed on either solid vinyl or mesh. They are placed on different kinds of fences to promote your business among the masses.

They are mainly used for outdoor uses and are designed to withstand different outdoor environmental conditions. You can display them at locations like sponsored sporting events, stadiums, concerts, and construction sites. They are usually displayed on chain-linked fences, but you can display them on any other sort of fence as well.

Construction Fence Banners

How to hang a banner

Construction sites make a perfect place to advertise your business, new project, or event. You can get these banners in any size, design and material. They are mostly tear-resistant and have long longevity. 

Custom School Banners

Custom school banners offer a wide range of benefits to educational institutes. They provide you with an opportunity to present your institute’s positive image to society through a positive message. They also let you build spirit in your staff members and students. You can display campus map banners at different points in your school and do much more creative stuff with custom school banners.

You can choose any banner colour, size, design or material for your school branding through banners. So, consider this effective branding tool if you are looking for the best ways to promote your school. 

Should I Choose Mesh or Solid PVC Material?

Both mesh and solid PVC banners have their own benefits, but you should consider different factors before deciding which material is suitable for your banner. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of both materials to find which one is better.

PVC Material


  • Less costly than mesh

  • Get ready in less time

  • Can have gloss finishing

  • Printing both sides is possible


  • Less durable

  • Prone to tears due to wind

Mesh Banners


  • Can withstand air

  • More durable and resistant to tear

  • Has a high longevity


  • Most costly than solid PVC

  • Colours are muted

  • Only one side can be printed

Now that you know the key differences between these materials, it will be easier to make a knowledgeable decision and select the right material. If you are looking for banners for outdoor settings, then mesh banners are a better choice because they allow air and light to pass through them. But if you are low on budget, then PVC banners make a better choice.

How much does a Custom Banner Cost?

Custom banners cost from £49 to £1750 per banner. There are discounts on multiple orders. The cost of a custom banner depends on different factors like its size, material, weight, design, and print type, etc. therefore, we cannot tell what the exact cost will be. You should discuss all these factors with the banner manufacturer so you can get a product that is according to your budget.

Why Should I Use a Custom Size Banner?

Advertisement is very important for all sorts of businesses. Banners of all kinds are an effective tool for promoting an event, a new product, or a business. They are cost-effective and durable, which allows you to reuse them even for years.

Most of the advertisement tools are not as scalable as banners are. You can get them in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. They are also very easy to hang and take down. So, you should consider this effective marketing tool while planning your next marketing campaign for a new product or business.

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